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About Adéla

"When there’s passion in the making, there’s delight in the wearing"

The artistic surrounds and mysterious aura that characterise the city of Prague proved a foundation for Adéla’s spirit. It was an essential source of inspiration in Adéla’s search for alluring beauty and marked the beginning of her journey in arts and fashion. 

Always fascinated by extremes, from working on eccentric leather accessories to creating delicate bridal couture gowns, Adéla has merged two contrasting worlds to create La Décadente.

One of Adéla’s greatest pleasures is to create pieces of the highest standards with impeccable attention to detail.

And now her gift is ready for the world to discover.

A gift for the curious of mind,

The open of heart,

and the adventurous of spirit.


About La Décadente

Adéla seeks to inspire women to feel deeply feminine no matter the occasion, from lounging to a honeymoon. A La Décadente woman is alluring and seductive.

La Décadente’s definition of ‘Lounging’ embraces a sense of luxury and dressing up in exquisitely delicate styles with an edge for the ultimate deluxe experience at home. The collection is not limited to lingerie; the beauty in each piece reinvents personal style and creativity, allowing pieces to transition into unique statements. La Décadente bridal styles offer the perfect balance of purity and sensuality for a dream honeymoon.

Our passion is to focus on production in Australia while also merging the highest quality and ethically-sourced materials. Each piece is exclusively made-to-order and personally hand finished by our founder Adéla with meticulous care to ensure an irresistible experience and sense of La Décadente spirit.


‘As women, let us embrace our contradictions;

Our femininity and our passion,

Our vulnerability and our power,

Our delicacy and our strength…